Rachel Gartner

CrossFit Coach
Rachel Gartner


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (Pending)
  • CPR and AED (Pending)


  • Degree in Mathematics from Boston College
  • M.S in ODL (Organization Development and Leadership) from Saint Joseph's University
  • Internship with SJU's Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Member and Community Experience at CrossFit MFP for 3+ years


Rachel has always been active growing up, specifically playing soccer and basketball throughout her life. Once she got to high school, she continued to enjoy playing these two sports. In addition, she began strength training, doing agility work, and conditioning sessions at a local gym to enhance her performance. By committing to eating well and training consistently, Rachel stood out as one of the top female basketball players in Connecticut and decided to continue her playing career at Boston College.

During her time in college, she had a couple of months off in the summer from basketball. Her days consisted of working out, improving basketball skills, and helping out at local basketball camps. This is where she discovered CrossFit. Rachel would incorporate CrossFit style workouts in their training to supplement her athletic college careers. After learning how to improve their lifting mechanics and being introduced to new exercises, she immediately saw the benefit of the methodology.

Rachel finished her senior year at Boston College as a team captain and a degree in mathematics. However, due to an injury her freshman year at Boston College, she had another year of eligibility and decided to play her last year of college basketball at St. Joseph’s University. Soon after living with her twin sister in the Philadelphia area, they discovered Crossfit MFP. Even before the doors were open to its members, Marco allowed them to come in to lift.

At SJU, she was fortunate enough to work as a student intern for the strength and conditioning program. Rachel helped teams such as men’s lacrosse, rowing, and women’s soccer in the weight room. She demonstrated exercises, helped correct movements, and also assisted in taking teams through warm-ups.

After earning her M.S in ODL (Organization Development and Leadership) from SJU in 2020, Rachel was eager to further her knowledge in exercise science. She began listening to podcasts, studying anatomy, and watching videos to learn more about the technique and form desired in Olympic lifting and other movements. During this time, she also began to experiment more with CrossFit by taking classes at MFP. As her basketball playing career came to an end, CrossFit exposed a lot of weaknesses that she was and still is motivated to work on.

As a member, Rachel realized she could begin a career as a CrossFit Coach to help develop her long term goals. After finishing her internship, she is excited to help develop the MFP community and its mission to improve the quality of peoples lives.

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