What are you INVESTING in?

Starting off can be intimidating for many, but we promise when you commit you won't regret your decision. You are not "paying" for a membership. You are INVESTING in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being!

  • A unique structured, and progressive fitness program
  • Assessment, Education, Personal Accountability
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches
  • A premier fitness facility with high quality equipment
  • Positives Vibes: This is our MVP and MFP
  • Community: Be a part of something bigger than yourself!

Monthly Membership


You are ready to give this "CrossFit Thing" a shot. You understand our VALUE and that we will provide everything you need to REACH YOUR GOALS!
    • Unlimited Class Access
    • Access to our Facebook Accountability Groups
    • FREE Nutritional Education and Guidance
    • Cancel/Hold your membership anytime prior to next billing date
    • Paying under $20 per class!
    • Access to any other programs offered at MFP

3 Month Membership


Learn to trust the process. Our 3 month membership ensures you will see the initial progress of our program.

Membership Includes:

      • Our most common membership commitment
      • Pay under $15 per class!

6 Month Membership


You are ready to reap the benefits of our program. During the 6 months you will start to achieve fitness goals you never thought were possible when you first started.

Membership Includes

    • Our best bang for your buck. Pay under $12 per class!
    • All Monthly Membership features

1 Year Commitment


It is time to invest in the long term process. You understand the program and want to make CrossFit MFP a lifestyle.

Membership Includes:

    • Earn more savings. You are basically getting a STEAL per class!
    • Courtesy Swag 

Family Memberships

Does your spouse and/or children want to commit to the process with you? All of our memberships are family friendly and discounted from individual memberships!

*Inquire about Family Specials pricing

Drop Ins and 10 session Punch Cards

Traveling CrossFitter with over 6 months of experience? Join us for a one time fee of $30 or purchase a group of 10 sessions. These are also great add-ons for family memberships!

*Inquire about 10 Sessions Package pricing

*All monthly and commitment based memberships are UPFRONT costs. We do not offer payment plans