$ 499

3 Month Membership

Learn to trust the process. Our 3 month membership ensures you will see the initial progress of our program.

Membership Includes:

      • Unlimited class access
      • Basic Nutrition Guide (optional)
      • Longevity Classes and Open Gym
      • Discounts for Family Membership options
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$ 800

6 Month Membership

You are ready to reap the benefits of our program. During the 6 months you will start to achieve fitness goals you never thought were possible when you first started.

Membership Includes

    • $200 in savings
    • 25% off Punch Cards for Family
    • 3 Month Membership features
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$ 1,500

1 Year Commitment

It is time to invest in the long term process. You understand the program and want to make CrossFit MFP a lifestyle.

Membership Includes:

    • Over $400 in savings
    • Free MFP Swag
    • 50% off Punch Cards for Family
    • 3 month membership features
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A Program for SUCCESS

Starting off can be intimidating for many, but we promise when you commit you won't regret your decision.

Our program will help you get started at your own pace with our certified, world-class coaches helping you along the way.


    • Assessing and understanding your baseline
    • A structured and detailed fitness program
    • Highly experienced coaches to teach you everything you need
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