Group CrossFit

Group classes led by an experience coach

Our CrossFit classes are the core programming at CrossFit MFP. Each day offers a different WOD or work out of the day. Classes run multiple times a day but every class will perform that same work out.

Our CrossFit classes consist of a structured warmup, a learning or practice session, the work out of the day and all things fitness! Each class runs approximately 1 hour. There is an experience CrossFit coach in each class to lead and instruct the group.

Each work out of the day will offer one or a combination of different movements from gymnastics, Olympic lifting, cardiovascular conditioning, or weight lifting. Our program is inclusive to all levels, ages and abilities!

  • Changed My Life

    After 3 surgeries on my left knee. I was tired of my knee being a crutch and holding me back with flexibility. I decided to join a gym and make some lifest

    gigi lee
  • The Coaching at MFP changed my mindset!

    Click the video to learn more about our 2020 MFP member of the Year!

    jackie falcone
  • Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spritiually...CrossFit changed my life!

    Click the video to learn about Solomon's story!


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