Michelle Kraus

"CrossFit MFP is simply the best!"

Michelle Kraus

Training with CrossFit MFP has been one of the best decisions I have ever made when it comes to my workouts. Before I was intorduced to CrossFit MFP, I was following a body building split with high volume with a focus on aesthetics. I had nagging aches and pains and had lost my love for my workouts. CrossFit MFP completely changed my workout style, which lead to a complete change in my mindset. I am no longer training for aesthetics, but training for performance and with a purpose. He helped me connect with my body and gave me correctives that erased all my aches and pains. I am much more confident both mentally and physically since starting training with CrossFit MFP. I doubted that I would ever be able to perform an overhead squat or Olympic lifts of any kind. CrossFit MFP provided me with the tools I needed and great cues to help improve my form, and now I am much more confident with my lifts. I was on a program that progressed me over time and provided me with just the motivation I needed. I am so thankful for the patience and all that has been taught. CrossFit MFP is simply the best!

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