B.S. Exercise Science from West Chester University

Contemplative Studies Minor Degree

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Director of Sports Performance: Haverford High School

CrossFit Level 1 & 2

U.S.A.W. Sports Performance Level 1

6x CrossFit Games Regional Competitor

Marco A. Dapkey

Owner/Head Coach

I decided to start my own business after many life experiences that I believe have truly led me to where I am today.

In 2010, going into my senior year in high school I was diagnosed with cancer. This lost me an opportunity to play D1 college football, a career I thought was meant to be. This led me into another journey in fitness, health and wellness to and give me a different purpose in life.

During college I found a gym called CrossFit West Chester, and after 7 years I have never looked back. I will never forget the feeling of excitement and nervousness I had when I first walked in. I was immediately hooked on the community, the challenge and the opportunities to better myself.

Finding CrossFit lead me on a mission to become more educated and experienced so that I could inspire others to be excited about fitness and wellness. After years of finding opportunities in coaching,  personal training and strength and conditioning I knew that I wanted to start my own career to create a community of like minded individuals about improving their health.

After I began my own personal training business “M.A.D Fitness and Performance” I knew it was not enough. This led me to seek the opportunity to open “CrossFit MFP”. I knew that this was my purpose in my life and career.

B.S. Exercise Science from Eastern University

Professor of Exercise Science Eastern University

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) NSCA

CrossFit Level 1

USAW – Level 1 Sports Performance

Assistant Volleyball Coach at Eastern University

Jonathan Pang

CrossFit Coach

Jonathan grew up playing soccer, baseball, and volleyball. He played collegiate volleyball at the University of Miami for 1 year, took a 7-month trip to Australia, and then transferred to Eastern University.

In 2013, he walked into a CrossFit gym in his hometown of Staten Island, New York to start training with the goal of becoming a more explosive volleyball athlete. He quickly realized how CrossFit can improve all aspects of health and wellness, as well as athletic performance.

Jonathan gained experience working with athletes at Villanova University as an Intern Strength and Conditioning Coach during his senior year at Eastern. He worked hands on with the football, baseball, volleyball, and golf teams. He loves to help athletes reach their goals by staying humble, putting in hard work, and trusting the process.

Jonathan also has experience as a personal trainer and a CrossFit coach. He values the importance of helping those in the general population to reach their health and wellness goals using the CrossFit Methodology.

Currently, he serves as an assistant coach for the Eastern University Women’s Volleyball program. He also continues to play volleyball in various leagues and tournaments in the

Favorite Quote:
“You only have one body, you gotta take care of it.” – Nelson Mandela

NPTI Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

USAW L1 Olympic Weightlifting Coach

ServSafe Food Production Management Certified

CPR/First Aid Certified

Over 4 years of Coaching experience

Amie Maguire

CrossFit Coach and Nutritionist

Amie began her athletic endeavors in 2001 when she joined AmKor Karate Institutes. Through AmKor she earned her 4th degree Black belt, and competed on national and international levels. Most notably were her repeat Gold Medals earned in Cardiff, Wales in 2011 and 2012. Amie started instructing as an assistant in 2010 and continued until 2016. Along with Martial Arts, Amie was a track and field sprinter and hurdler for her high school, and an avid horseback rider. 
She had dreams of becoming a full-time competitive athlete, however, in early 2013 she found out she had Lyme Disease and Babesia. Her focus had to shift from competitive athlete into one dedicated to general health and wellness. For a little over 2 years she was off and on oral antibiotics as well as needing a PICC line inserted in 2015 to receive daily antibiotic infusions. 
None of that stopped her because 2014 Amie enrolled in the National Personal Training Institute to earn her personal training certification. She then continued to gain more knowledge by applying for a coaches internship at Crossfit West Chester. She quickly realized the CrossFit Methodology and approach to health and wellness aligned with her own beliefs. Her internship merged into her joining the coaching staff at Crossfit West Chester. From there she earned her Level 1 USA Weightlifting Coach certification in 2015. After gaining years of experience as a coach and trainer, and in order to further spread her reach within CrossFit Community, Amie joined the CrossFit MFP coaching staff in 2018.
Through her journey of finding CrossFit, she realized she was passionate about fitness, health and wellness. It became important to her to help others pursue greater health, and she believes a majority of that comes through the food we eat. Currently Amie is enrolled at West Chester University in the pursuit of a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, with a minor in Coaching.


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