Rebecca Gartner

CrossFit Coach
Rebecca Gartner


  • Psychology Major from Villanova University
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) (Pending)
  • CPR and AED (Pending)
  • Member and Community Experience at CrossFit MFP for 3+ years


Rebecca grew up playing both soccer and basketball. She realized her true passion for soccer upon entering high school and made that her priority. She played collegiate soccer for Baylor university and transferred to Villanova university to finish up her playing career. During her final year at Villanova, Rebecca also walked on to the women’s basketball team.

Rebecca has always been an athlete and realized at a young age how important nutrition and weight training was in her success as a soccer player. This sparked an interest in both and quickly became a key role in her success as an athlete. Rebecca received accolades throughout high school for both soccer and basketball, and received Connecticut female athlete of the year during her senior year.

While always hesitant to commit to CrossFit, Rebecca has always utilized aspects of the sport in her own training regime throughout high school and college. Ever since working with Marco at MFP, Rebecca has found joy helping fellow members achieve their goals through CrossFit. Rebecca hopes to continue to help and inspire members to reach their full potential and be their best self.

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